Cisco meeting server drops from Skype for business after 90 minutes [SOLVED!]

If you have integrated Cisco Meeting Server / Acano with Skype for Business you might experience that all the non Skype4B endpoints disconnects from the meeting after 90 minutes.
The participants joining from Skype4B clients will still be in the meeting.
Now this is solved.

I did some extensive tracing on why this happened and suspected the session timers to be the issue.

But this was not the case. It was not firewall or network related.

I registered a TAC case with Cisco on this and the pointed me to a setting in Skype for Susiness Server. And sure enough this was the case.
This is not documented in the CMS deployment guide when integrating with Skype4B.

Skype has a setting for a grace period which anonymous users are allowed in the meeting after the meeting initiator leaves the meeting.
The value is "AnonymousUserGracePeriod" and is default 90 minutes

You can check the value with this shell command:

You should see something like this:

You can change the graceperiod with this command:
Get-CsUserServicesConfiguration | Set-CsUserServicesConfiguration -AnonymousUserGracePeriod "08:00:00"

In my case I set the value to 8 hours and this solved the case.

You can read more details about the gracepriod in another blog here:


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  2. Were the Cisco endpoints be dropped out Even if there were skype endpoints in the same Conference room? As thats really a misbejavior then. Increasing the anonymous timeout would also have a sideffect for other Conference calls as well! For example are you sure you Wanted anonym participants to consume your conf room resources for up to 8 hours without anybody from your Company being present?

    1. Hi, The meetings were dropped even if there were skype endpoints still in the conference and even if the host/presenter was still in the meeting.
      So to me it seems like Skype4B server drops the anonymous participants even if the presenter ans Skype4B clients still are active in the meeting. Seems like a "bug" in Skype4B to me.
      The side effects is altogether better than that the meeting drops. And you can configure the anonymous participants to have to join via a lobby so that the host presenter has to grant you access.
      But if the host presenter leaves the meeting they still can access the meeting for the defined GracePeriod. Then again you can toss them out by manually end the meeting in the CMS webUI.

  3. Nice that you fixec this. We spoke about it and great to have this fixed before vacation.

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